Product Proceduralization | KyleSowry | Houdini Hive Worldwide

Houdini’s power as a procedural 3D software package does not stop at the standard tasks we do daily, it also includes an array of tools for performing repetitive processes across huge datasets. Here’s how I used Houdini’s PDG to accomplish a hard-flooring retailer’s mission to show their product range across a variety of household interiors.

Kyle Sowry is a high school student in Auckland, New Zealand. After first dabbling in digital art when he was twelve years old, he fell in love with the world of 3D, soon discovering Houdini, with its focus on proceduralism, and quick access to the data that a project is built upon. Now working on setting up a small studio, he’s developing his portfolio by the day (and usually night, too) with a diverse range of projects. When he’s not trying to make fancy software do his work, Kyle enjoys being out on the ice playing curling, making films, or working on robotics projects.

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