Procedural Approaches for Magical FX | Sophie Noel & Mathieu Rondet | ArtFX

From Houdini Hive Education Edition originally broadcast on November 12, 2020.

Breakdown of FX behind the ArtFX 2020 graduation short, Haru & Houdini teaching approach at ArtFX.

Mathieu Rondet has worked for the past 13 years as a VFX artist for the marketing, movie and game cinematic industries in many studios including Mac Guff, Mikros image, Digital District, Mathematic, Ubisoft, Wizz/FIX studio and Attitude. Aside from specializing in pre-calculated 3D visual effects, he has also been involved in producing 2D effects for many projects as well as realtime VFX for institutional games. He also worked as a compositing artist for a while. Being a former scientist with two masters in biology, as well as a drawing artist and a photographer, he is always curious about finding cross-disciplinary ways to express one’s creativity. Focusing on Houdini, he joined the ArtFX team to share the knowledge he has acquired over the years with the students.

Sophie Noel is a 2020 graduate from ArtFX School, Montpellier, Sophie was hired at Luma Pictures, Melbourne, as an FX artist immediately following the completion of her studies. For the graduation short film Haru, she was an FX artist/TD and mainly focused on magical and procedural effects using Houdini : from FX designs to shading, render and pre-compositing, to get control of both artistic and technical aspects.

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