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Pokemon Go Updates Gifts, Raids, and More

Pokemon GO just released updates to help players who are quarantined and with stay-at-home orders play the game. Below is the release Niantic just sent out!

New Ways to Raid, Power Up Your Pokemon, Receive Gifts, and More!

Niantic is excited to announce upcoming changes to Pokemon GO. In their continued efforts to prioritize Pokemon GO experiences that can be enjoyed in individual settings and from home, you’ll soon be able to enjoy the following:

  • With a Remote Raid Pass, you can access Raid Battles you can see on the Nearby screen from wherever you are.
  • You’ll receive a bonus Field Research task daily without having to spin a PokeStop.
  • As you run low on Gifts, your Buddy Pokemon will venture to nearby PokeStops and bring some Gifts back for you to send to your friends.
  • You’ll be able to power up your Pokemon to the desired CP by using all the required Candies and Stardust at once.
  • After using a Star Piece, Lucky Egg, or Incense, you’ll be able to use more of the same item to extend the item’s effect beyond the usual 30-minute limit. No more waiting for an item effect to expire before you can use another one!
  • Look out for other updates, including improved battle-screen design.

So, a lot of new things. Not very sure what to expect out the desired CP using Stardust and Candies, but maybe you can set it to a specific number, like 1500, instead of using the Stardust and Candies to get as close as possible to 1500 before going over. We shall see!

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