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Pokemon Go Gym Interaction Distance Doubled

Pokemon GO is doing a great job of making sure its trainers are still able to enjoy the game during the coronavirus quarantine. Let’s check out the most recent update.

A letter from Niantic:

As we develop ways to team up in Raid Battles from home we’ll be making a temporary change to Gym interaction distance.

The distance from which you can interact with Gyms has been temporarily doubled, allowing you to be farther from Gyms and other Trainers as you challenge Raid Bosses. This change also allows you to spin Photo Discs at Gyms of you are within the double distance; however, it will not change the distance required to spin Photo Discs at Pokestops.

We played with the update a bit and noticed an issue that occurred. The Pokestops will animate as if you are able to spin them, but the game will not allow you to spin since only the Gyms are allowed for this double distance. This isn’t a huge issue, but it is one to be aware of so you are not confused as to why the Pokestop animation is showing you are close enough, even though you are not. #YGD doesn’t see any reason for Niantic to fix the issue since this is only temporary during the coronavirus pandemic.

Summary of the Update

So, basically, Pokemon Trainers can now battle Gyms, spin Gyms, and Raid from a little farther away. This is good for social distancing, but still raises the issue that people have to leave their homes in order to interact with Gyms during the coronavirus crisis. Leaving homes isn’t exactly a great thing since we still have not gotten this COVID-19 under control.

#YGD is making the suggestion to enable people to visit Gyms they have previously interacted with, after catching a certain amount of Pokemon. Players are able to view the current status of any Gym they have interacted with by checking their profile.

What suggestions do you have for visiting Gyms during the coronavirus pandemic? Comment below!

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