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Pokemon Go Events Postponed Due to Corona Virus

Pokemon Go is pushing to help people with the worldwide fight against the Coron Virus by making some changes to the game until further notice.

  • The March Community Day (March 15) is postponing
  • A 1-time purchase bundle of 30 incenses costs only 1 Pokecoin
  • The distance to hatch eggs is cut in half
  • Pokestops will drop gifts more frequently
  • Pokémon habitats will increase and more Pokémon will be appearing in the wild

March Community Day Postponed

For now, the Corona Virus is an issue, with so many events, like E3, ComiCon, and NBA 2K League either postponing or canceling their events. Pokemon Go is another game that has events that involve large masses of people.

To help keep people from missing out on an event because they are sick, or even worse, spreading germs because they don’t want to miss the event, this weekend’s Community Day has been postponed. Currently, there is no future date set, but #YGD will keep you up to date.

1-Time Purchase Bundle of 30 Incenses for 1 Pokecoin

To help promote Pokemon Trainers to stay indoors if you are sick, Pokemon Go has a bundle available in the Store that costs only a single Pokecoin. Trainers can use the incense while they are at home so that you can catch Pokemon while you’re

Egg Hatching Distance Cut in Half

pokemon go egg hatching distance cut in half

We think Pokemon Go did this, was so Pokemon Trainers would only need to be outside for a minimal time to hatch or you could easily pace in your house for a smaller amount of time. This will promote trainers to stay indoors in order to complete their daily tasks or hatch an egg.

The half distance won’t appear until you place the Egg in an incubator.

Pokestops Will Drop Gifts More Frequently

Pokemon Trainers love to send each other gifts. We here at #YGD also love to send gifts. To keep people from having to be outside for longer, Pokemon Go has allowed the Gifts to drop more frequently so you can share with your Trainer friends.

Pokemon Habitat Increase and More Frequent Appearances

To help Pokemon Trainers stay indoors when they are sick, and not go outside as much to find Pokemon, Niantic has increased the habitats and the Pokemon will appear more frequently in the wild.

What About Future Events?

These are the only updates as of right this moment. All future weekend events are still happening, for now. There is truly no way to predict when this Corona Virus will calm down. You can be proactive and remember to wash your hands and stay home if you are not feeling well. The sooner this virus has calmed down, the sooner our Pokemon Go adventures can continue.

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