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Pokemon Go Battle League Temporary Coronavirus

Pokemon Go is excellent about wanting the world to get rid of this coronavirus. Niantic just sent out a notification to Pokemon trainers with some temporary updates for the Go League battles and Trainer Battles.

Pokemon Go Battle League Changes

From now through Monday, April 13, 2020 Pokemon Go is removing the walking and Pokecoin requirements for battling your Pokemon in the Pokemon Battle League. If you are currently walking to earn your next battle set, the change will take place once you have finished your walking for the current set of battles.

Check out our events list for cancelled or postponed events and expos due to coronavirus.

From now until Friday, May 1, 2020 Niantic has lowered the Friendship Level requirement for remote Trainer Battles. Trainers can now battle with other trainers by sending a battle request. From the update, it seems like you can send battle requests to Good Friends and Great Friends, as well as your Ultra Friends and Best Friends.

What About Future Events?

These are the only updates as of right this moment. All future events are still happening, for now. There is truly no way to predict when this coronavirus will calm down. You can be proactive and remember to wash your hands and stay home if you do not need to go out. The sooner this virus has calmed down, the sooner our Pokemon Go adventures can continue.

Other Pokemon Go Event affected:

If you aren’t already playing Pokemon Go, maybe check out the website¬†here and download the game to your mobile device today. At the very least, it’s something to do while you are stuck at home.

What would you like to see Niantic do in order to make playing the game better for the coronavirus? Tell #YGD in the comments below!

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