Playfab is Joining Microsoft!

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Today I am excited to announce a giant leap forward in PlayFab’s ongoing mission to improve the way that modern games are built and operated: PlayFab is joining Microsoft.

Matt and I launched PlayFab four years ago to solve a burning need. Games were rapidly shifting from packaged goods, sold in boxes, to “always on” digital services, requiring sophisticated server-based infrastructure to host and operate. Built well, these backend systems enabled games to engage, retain, and monetize players like never before, with longevity in the top grossing charts measured in years. Built poorly, they crashed and burned on launch day.

We’re proud of the role that PlayFab has played helping developers of all sizes step up to this new challenge. Our platform of scalable game services, game analytics, and LiveOps tools are helping more than 3,000 studios progress from shipping static software to creating games that scale gracefully and evolve over time with new content, live events, and frequent updates.

Today we power more than 1,200 live games and have served nearly 700 million players. We process more than 1.5 billion transactions a day, nearly 20,000 transactions a second. Our technology is used by some of the biggest entertainment companies, including Disney, NBC Universal, Wizards of the Coast, Nickelodeon, Bandai Namco, Rovio, and Capcom, as well as fast-growing indies like Fluffy Fairy, Nvizzio, and Hyper Hippo.

Microsoft, with its deep expertise in gaming and cloud computing, is a perfect home for PlayFab as we expand our platform and features. Our customers are worldwide, and Microsoft’s global presence and world-class Microsoft Azure server infrastructure complement PlayFab’s services, making it even easier for studios to focus on building great games instead of back-end technology.

There will be no immediate impact from this acquisition; we will continue to operate PlayFab as before. Longer term, we expect this deal to help us accelerate our already rapid growth as we take advantage of all the resources Microsoft has to offer.

From the start, PlayFab has been driven by the desire to help our customers unlock their creativity. We are humbled by the trust developers place in us when they depend on our services to run their games, and look forward to rewarding that trust with the entirely new level of features, resources, and support that this acquisition is going to enable. The entire team is as excited as I am to continue on this journey with Microsoft.

For more information on our exciting news, please visit the Official Microsoft Blog.

Questions? Concerns? Let us know. You can use your regular support channel to reach us. We’d also love to meet up with you at GDC. We’ll have our usual booth there, so please stop by and say hi, or email to schedule a meeting if you’d like to have a more formal conversation about anything.

James Gwertzman
CEO, PlayFab

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