Pinstripe is Now Available for Digital Pre-Order On Xbox One

Pinstripe was released earlier in 2017 on Steam for Linux, Mac, and Windows. Microsoft announced that the game will be available to play on February 7, 2018 at  6:00 am.

You can pre-order and download the game to your Xbox One today, but the game will not be available to play until its release day.

Game Story

The basic story is that a disgraced ex-minister is on a train with his daughter. His young, toddler daughter is kidnapped by Pinstripe while on the train. You play as the disgraced ex-minister and you must adventure through puzzles, monsters, and your own personal demons to rescue your daughter.

The game is a beautiful, sad, happy, wonderful form of interactive art. Get it today to experience the award-winning game for yourself.

Game Tagline

An ex-minister ventures through the frozen depths of Hell in search of his kidnapped daughter.

Get Pinstripe for XBox One here!

Get Pinstripe for Windows, Mac, or Linux from Steam here!

Game Dev Details

  • Pinstripe was developed using the Unity Game Engine.
  • It took about 5 years to create and publish.
  • The game developer is Atmos Games.
  • Thomas Brush Designed, Programmed, Created Art, Wrote and Composed the indie game.
  • It was published by Armor Games.
  • The indie game’s initial release date was April 25, 2017 on Steam.
  • It is a single-player game.
  • Its Kickstarter was successful with 3,780 backers who pledged $106,729.
  • The Kickstarter goal was funded on the first day of its Kickstarter campaign!
  • The game reached 378% of its funding goal.

Pinstripe Screenshots

pinstripe pinstripe

With the indie game having mostly positive reviews, this is a game to definitely check out.


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