Pinball FX3 – Williams Pinball Volume 1 Launch Trailer | PS4

Williams Pinball Volume 1 is now available for Pinball FX3! Fish Tales is FREE for all players!

Williams Pinball Volume 1 is a dazzling collection of four authentic classics. Play FISH TALES, THE GETAWAY: HIGH SPEED II, JUNK YARD and MEDIEVAL MADNESS, perfectly simulated.

• THE GETAWAY: HIGH SPEED II: “”Okay, buddy… Pull over… Pull over NOW!!!”” Time to press pedal to the metal and shift into high gear!

• JUNK YARD: The meanest game in the whole darn town! Sneak in and rummage through Crazy Bob’s Cosmic Salvage. Collect junk and pick up fireworks to build your flying jalopy!

• MEDIEVAL MADNESS: Behold the Renaissance of Pinball! Defeat the king and all his men to stop the madness and restore order to this great land.

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