PDG for Indie Gamedev | Section 1 | Video 1

Welcome to Introduction to PDG for Indie Game Developers. In this tutorial series we are going to walk through the entire process of using Side FX’s latest addition to Houdini, TOP’s and PDG! This technology allows us to build large scale environments much faster than before and the best thing is we can do it all inside of the Houdini Engine for Unity. Throughout this course you will learn how to set up a basic TOP network, how to begin to build a Procedural Level Creation system, and how to scatter massive amount of foliage onto your levels. We will even take a look at how to produce Areas and Roads for our level. By the end of this course you will have the beginning of a complete Procedural Level creation system and the foundational knowledge needed to become successful with PDG, TOP’s, and the Houdini Engine for Unity!

This lesson is part of a larger collection of tutorials which you can access here along with project files: https://www.sidefx.com/learn/collections/pdg-for-indie-gamedev/

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