PDG as a Pipeline Tool for Small Teams | Pavel Smirnov | SIGGRAPH 2019

This talk is about how a small team could leverage PDG with mixed Maya-Houdini pipeline. We will examine a ROP-based pipeline Griot Groove has been using to get data in and out of Maya, and how the same goals could be easily achieved with PDG.

Pavel Smirnov is a Houdini artist and educator based in Tokyo with twelve years of experience. He started his career in Moscow, Russia as a Renderman lighting TD working on commercials and feature films. After moving to Japan in 2011, he created and leads a team of Houdini artists, while developing pipeline tools at Griot Groove, a Tokyo-based VFX studio. In 2014-2017 he taught a Houdini course at Digital Hollywood Tokyo School.


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