PC: World of Tanks 1.0. March 2018. Gameplay Trailer

PC: World of Tanks 1.0. March 2018. Gameplay Trailer

One of the biggest newsbeats at this year’s WG Fest is the announcement of Update 1.0.

With its release, maps will become larger, and landscapes—more realistic. The update will feature completely reworked water, destructible objects, new effects, and many other interesting things. The game will have new sound. Now, each location will have its own soundtrack to promote the atmosphere of the map.
By the way, the music used in the trailer was composed based on the soundtrack of the Arctic Region map:

Mannerheim (Trailer mix)
Composed by Andrey Kulik and Andrius Klimka
Post-production — Sergey Komar
Music supervisor — Aleksey Tomanov
Copyright © Wargaming.net 2017

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