Paint, Peaks and Primitives | Will MacNeill | Houdini HIVE Worldwide

Learn how I approach creating scenes in a procedural way. I’ll look at at least two projects (but probably more) including my painting tool, called Stroke-it, and how I built mountainscapes for a recent branding project for Al Jazeera English. I’ll also talk a little about Houdini fits into our design studio and some thoughts on leveraging procedural work to speed things up.

Will MacNeil is a filmmaker and digital artist currently working as a Design Director at The Mill in London. Will designs, directs and leads a broad range of projects from good old-fashioned TV to online, games, interactive and experiential. Last year he even designed a pair of shoes! Will jumps between leading teams of artists and doing things as a lone gun. He also talks (at conferences) a lot. Recent ones include the mainstage at OFFF Barcelona, Us By Night, OFFF in Kyiv and events in Russia and Japan. Will also likes to experiment with digital tools whenever he can. One recent personal project, called Stroke-it, is an oil painting tool that works inside Houdini.

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