Where is Magical Magical?

Watch the gameplay clip and email comp@risingstargames.com with your answer.

A. Las Vegas
B. New York
C. Atlanta

Closing date Tuesday 31 August 2010.

One winner will be drawn randomly and will be sent one copy of PANG: Magical Michael when it is released.Read More →

Take control of a mini arsenal of weapons and fight off wave after wave of enemy attacks. Hold your base until the reinforcements arrive by flicking bullets and bombs at the oncoming enemies using the stylus. Arm your base with guns, cannons and tanks in preparation for the onslaught and then attack with everything you’ve got.Read More →

The GO Series will bring the best Japanese DSiWare games to Europe and North America, benefitting from relationships Rising Star Games and Gamebridge have with top developers in Japan and Asia.

The GO Series will distribute games from renowned Japanese studios including: G-mode, ArtePiazza, SUZAK and TOM CREATE. The studios selected to be part of the GO Series are responsible for impressive titles such as: Wario: Master of Disguise, Dragon Quest, Innocent Life and F-Zero GP Legend.Read More →

Take control of a stick man and run for your life across obstacle courses to reach the goal within 10 seconds. Move like your life depends on it, dashing over 50 stages, avoiding various hazards and desperately trying to reach the exit on time. 10 seconds is all you’ve got!Read More →

This reel highlights some of the amazing work created by Houdini artists over the last year. From feature films to commercials to student projects and video game cinematics, it is wonderful to see what can be accomplished with Houdini’s visual effects and animation tools.Read More →

Michael, an aspiring young magician, has failed an experiment – leading to dire consequences. Balloons have been dispersed, causing trouble to landmarks and cities all around the world. Now, Michael must travel the globe to destroy these balloons and clean up his mistake, before it’s too late.

Visit Rising Star Games

http://www.twitter.com/RisingStarGamesRead More →

This video shows some of the cool new features coming in Houdini 11. These demos show off features such as dynamic fracturing, FLIP fluids, hardware rendering and more.Read More →

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