The battle for the Moon begins in World of Tanks! Have an out of this world experience in the “Moon Mayhem” event, April 1 – 5; command the unique IS 8-Ball, earn special medals, and leave your mark on the Moon. Why are there tanks in space? You’ll have toRead More →

Cody couldn’t come up with a name for the Podcast, so Tom chimed in! The crew talks about Nintendo, DLC, and their new Patreon!

Multivarious Patreon:
Hitomi Fujiko:
Flappy Mario: More →

The Global Map in World of Tanks has a new event coming very soon! Take part in Operation Typhoon and get the unique Chieftain/T95 tank! Thousands of tanks and millions of Industrial Resource units await their heroes! Join the fight, you won’t want to miss it! Twitter: Facebook: More →

The development team from Wargaming Chicago-Baltimore takes us behind the scenes for an in-depth overview of how they transformed the illustrious (and comically slow) TOG II* Premium tank into a floating gun platform! From sound to design, our developers accepted no compromise in what has become World of Tanks’ firstRead More →

The World of Tanks World Champion will be determined very soon! The League Grand Finals will take place on April 8-9 in Warsaw and gather the 12 strongest teams from around the world. Who will be the best? Be the first to find out! Watch the broadcast and followRead More →

SEGA Central | SEGA Strategy Humble Bundle On today’s SEGA Central there’s news from Total War: WARHAMMER including a special episode of Rally Point and a reminder to tune into the Company of Heroes 2 ESL Go4Cup March monthly final! Time is running out on the SEGA Strategy Bundle fromRead More →

In the new episode of Inside the Chieftain’s Hatch, Nicholas Moran talks about a unique Australian tank, the Sentinel. How was it invented? How many engines does it have? What’s that mysterious thing on the front? Nicholas will explain all and show you right now! Happy viewing! Twitter: Tweets byRead More →

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