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Game director Jeff Kaplan discusses Symmetra’s redesign.

ESRB Rating: TEEN with Blood, Use of Tobacco, Violence.

He details the adjustments and improvements that are currently being tested, along with an overview of her brand new Ultimate ability. He also comments on the release time line for Oasis, Overwatch’s new Control Map, and teases an upcoming feature.

00:20 – Big changes to Symmetra
01:33 – Symmetra Redesign: Quality of Life
02:04 – Symmetra Redesign: Ultimate Ability changes
04:30 – Symmetra Redesign: Photon Barrier (NEW Ability)
06:02 – Symmetra Redesign: Sentry Turret changes
07:24 – Symmetra Redesign: Primary fire & secondary fire changes
08:03 – PTR feedback request
09:26 – Oasis (NEW Map)
10:31 – “Stay With Group” (NEW Social Feature)
11:36 – Jeff thanks the community

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