Introducing Final Fantasy XV Carbuncle Surprise!

All pre-orders of FINAL FANTASY® XV made through the SQUARE ENIX® Online Store (…) are automatically entered and will be eligible to win themed digital and physical prizes, including a new Audi sedan.

Beginning on August 1, Carbuncle will select winners each Friday until the game’s release on November 29th . All pre-orders* made through the SQUARE ENIX® Online Store are eligible for weekly entry to the sweepstakes, which commences with the First Prize drawing on Friday, August 5. Fans who have entered the sweepstakes will be eligible to check their winnings online every Friday. Prizes will be distributed to winners post launch, and each participant has the chance to win a prize during the weekly drawing.

*Only pre-orders of the game will be automatically entered for the Campaign. Preorders for FINAL FANTASY XV related merchandise such as figurines and soundtracks excluded from entry.Read More →

SEGA Central Live | Our Next Event Join Chris, Dan & Elliot on Wednesday 24th August, 16:30 BST for all the latest SEGA News, competitions & more! In this weeks show we look back on the week that was Gamescom and announce the winners of our Dawn of War 3Read More →

We’re going to be at PAX West soon, but some of us (MeatheadMilitia) couldn’t wait to start crushing things. Let us know in the comment section below of some things you’d like to see Meathead Crush and your suggestion might make it in the next video! CRUSHINGIT details: Twitter:Read More →

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Travel to a distant world pulsing with life in this beautiful VR experience set to music. As the sun sets and the twin moons rise, luminescent flowers shine while sleek birds glowing with mystical patterns weave ever-changing shapes across the sky. And then, minute by minute, you realize that something miraculous is unfolding before you. All of it builds to a glorious and mysterious climax — and you can only witness all of this thanks to the Impossible Travel Agency, a transporting VR experience for anyone who loves music, beauty, and dreams.

This is a narrative experience in VR lasting six minutes. Once you’ve taken the trip, you can customize it by using your own music and setting the duration to match your favorite album or playlist. The environment will react to your music and the story will adjust to your new duration for a transporting experience with the songs you love.

ITA supports the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets. It also supports the use of tracked motion controllers for both VR platforms but controller usage is optional. You may sit, stand, walk around, or just lie on the floor and look up at the stars.

The Impossible Travel Agency will be available in September 2016 on the Oculus Store and on Steam.

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We discuss the similarities and differences between our tank products. Which version do you play and what do you enjoy most about it? What would you like to see implemented? Twitter: Facebook: Let’s Battle! Play World of Tanks for FREE: North America: http://worldoftanks.comRead More →

Underdogs, upsets, and ultimate champions—check out some of the best moments from Day 2 of the Overwatch Atlantic Showdown!

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