Houdini 9.5’s new fire and smoke tools were used to create this volume fluid simulation of a camp fire. The new DSD (Detonation Shock Dynamics) microsolver was used to simulate the flames and Houdini’s new Ramp parameter was used to control the fire’s changing colors. Point lights were instanced throughoutRead More →

This fire effect was created in Houdini 9.5 using volume fluids. The flaming ball was rolled into shot where it’s temperature attributes spread onto the fuel causing even more fire to ignite. Point lights were instanced throughout the fire to simulate its glow.Read More →

This dyanamic simulation of a smoke bomb integrates Houdini’s Rigid Body and Voxel Fluid Dynamics. The smoke is emitted using the normals of the bomb canister to make sure they emit in the proper direction. The look of the smoke is derived from the material-based noise which sticks to theRead More →

This shot brings together a keyframe animated plane and a cloud volume built out of a combination of simulated and static volumes. Ramps were used to get a nice falloff of the clouds into the distance, and the project was given a vintage film look using Houdini’s compositing tools.Read More →

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