Yanrique’s back with some fierce Vikendi action!

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Some of this will be tactics you guys use daily but never really focused on individually. Some might be new, some is just style of play. Regardless it’s great to think through the gameplay that works best for you!

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Wicked Gaming and Hotjukes try out Hotsprings/Cantra on the new Vikendi Map and show you that there is actual good loot on the new map for v0.10.0

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Pittsburgh VR Meetup This meetup is all about social worlds in VR. Our special guest Caitlyn Meeks, Director of Product Evangelism for High Fidelity, will explain the underlying ideas and technology that can help you make the metaverse of your dreams a reality! Learn about world building, creating andRead More →

Path Constraints in depth: 0:08 Path Constraints 0:51 Setup 2:03 Position Mode 2:58 Spacing Mode 3:48 Rotate Mode 5:58 Translate Mix 6:35 Rotate Offset 6:51 Keying 7:10 Color Accompanying Spine User Guide article: http://esotericsoftware.com/spine-path-constraintsRead More →

In today’s video you will see different types of REVIVES and find out which ones are good and which ones are bad.

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Today Medal shows off a brand new style of weapon skin recently added to the game, the animated weapon skin for your lovely Kar98!

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Artwork done by:
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Do you wanna know which weapons are the best for different maps? Check the new Bushka’s video to know more!

Everyone knows you can win a chicken dinner without that perfect load out, or that some weapons are superb for final circle but might not be the best to get you there.

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Izzo searching for squad eliminations in Vikendi, while rocking the Snow Ghillie Suit.

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