Over the course of one week game jammers used Houdini, along with other tools and game engines, to make games based on the theme of “Don’t Panic!” for the first-ever Houdini Game Jam. This video shows the games that were completed during the jam. All of these games can beRead More →

Meet Goran Pavles and Manuel Tausch, founders of Vancouver-based Stormborn Studios. In this feature they talk about their recent work for Project Blue Book, a tale from the high seas. They and their team dove into this project head first using Houdini’s ocean toolset and FLIP fluids to create impressiveRead More →

Introducing…No Man’s Sky Origins

Update 3.0, “Origins”, dramatically expands the universe of No Man’s Sky. Explore a stranger, richer and more varied universe, with deeper planetary diversity, dramatic new terrain, a host of new creatures, new weather conditions, colossal buildings, and much more.

https://twitter.com/NoMansSkyRead More →

Mega Cat Studios host Xia goes in depth on the fan-made Cuphead Game & Watch Edition. To find out more click the link below: https://dedjo0.itch.io/cuphead-game-and-watch-edition https://www.reddit.com/r/speedrun/com… For more on Mega Cat Studios and our games, please visit: https://megacatstudios.com/ Come play & talk on discord! www.discord.gg/megacat Follow our host! https://www.instagram.com/xia_land/Read More →

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