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Windia, a girl living in London, mysteriously vanishes after being drawn into a
flash of light.

Awakening in the Otherworld, Windia arrives in a Western city reminiscent of the early 20th century, and is cared for by Dior, an elderly lord. Discovering there is no way home, Dior reveals to Windia that she is one of the ‘lost children’, those with magical powers chosen to protect the kingdom.

Known as ‘Angels’ by the people and beloved for their bravery, Angels protect the peace and ensure a good life for all. However, the gates of Hell are overflowing, allowing monsters to cross the planes and attack human beings.

It is up to Windia and her new sisters to defend the city and purge the evil menace.

Left/right shooting mechanic, surrounding you with enemy units and gunfire from both sides of the screen
The player will need to employ strategy and think about enemy positioning as your shots may be blocked by obstacles
Deathsmiles features a selectable difficulty level that allows you to choose how to proceed through the game, ensuring that newcomers are as welcome as veterans
Different stories and conversations will appear during both single player and two-player cooperative play, depending on the character(s) chosen
Arcade Mode – featuring the same gameplay and accuracy as the original arcade release
Xbox 360 Mode – a high resolution version of the arcade game
Version 1.1 – an original mode for the Xbox 360.
Mega Black Label – an expanded version of the game included on the disc and features:
New playable character Sakura
New stage Ice Palace
More challenging scoring system
New difficulty setting, level 999
Play with a friend via Xbox LIVE, where the player can also measure up their success by submitting their scores to the online ranking service

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Pucca Power Up will be available from early 2011 on Nintendo DS.

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Here’s your penultimate chance to win a free copy of PANG: Magical Michael on NDS.

All you have to do is watch the video and tell us on where Magical Michael is:

a. Amalfi Coast

b. Causeway Coast

c. Na Pali Coast

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Deadly Premonition is a suspense-horror action adventure for the XBox 360.

Playing as Special Agent Francis York, players must investigate the brutal murder of a young local beauty. Amidst the backdrop of soaring mountains and a town filled with eccentric natives, York must solve the mystery of the Red Seed Murders and stay alive in a place where supernatural creatures and a folklore killer seek to end his investigation… permanently.

Isn’t that right, Zach?

Surveil Greenvale’s inhabitants they go about their business – night and day
Agent York’s appearance influences the locals – keep him fed, shaved and showered or face the consequences
Travel in a variety of cars that must be maintained as they consume fuel and accumulate damage
Engage in side-quests and mini-games such as fishing, darts and collecting trading cards
Original horror story and characterisation including voice acting and history for every Greenvale resident

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A man with amnesia wanders into a town named Alvarna, where he meets Mana, a happy and helpful young woman and daughter of the local farmer. Mana takes pity on the man and gives him an empty plot of land and basic tools so that he can live for himself. Upon developing his life with a new identity, both his farm and his relationships grow, leading him to get married to his chosen bride and conceive a child with her.

One day, he regains his memory and remembers why he came to Alvarna in the first place. Resuming his quest, the man leaves his young family in the middle of the night. Years later, his child continues looking after the land but has begun their own quest to find their father and discover his reasons for leaving.

Continuation of the critically acclaimed Rune Factory mechanic, combining classic Harvest Moon gameplay with engaging RPG elements
Play through two generations; first the father, then the son/daughter
Unlimited farming resources; your land is always growing, even when the RPG story is over
Four huge dungeons to hone your fighting skills and cultivate special crops
Start your family with any of the female villagers you encounter; pick from over a dozen potential spouses
Tame monsters you encounter to help out on your farm

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Ivy the Kiwi? is a brand new IP designed by Yuji Naka, the creator of Sonic, and developed by PROPE. The game has made a leap to the DS and Wii with all new controls uniquely suited for the DS stylus and Wii remote. Marked by high production values and a charming atmosphere, Ivy the Kiwi? follows the adventures of a lonely baby bird, traversing various stages and navigating through the obstacles that stand in her way. Using skill and wit, Ivy follows the trail of feathers in hopes of finally reaching her mother.

The tale of Ivy the Kiwi? is presented like a child’s bedtime story and unfolds as Ivy is hatching from her egg. Pages turn as if reading from a book.

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Pillowed on a pile of leaves in the middle of a dark forest, a baby bird is breaking out of a curious egg. Her bright orange head and beak poke out the top of the polka-dot shell and she cries for her mother. The forest animals watch her curiously, but apart from them there is no one to claim her. Still trapped in the shell except for her head and feet, Ivy begins walking through the forest calling for her mother. She meets many other kinds of birds, but none are like her and she wanders searchingly for traces of her kind until she finds a glowing orange feather. With a clue now in beak, Ivy sets out to follow the trail that will lead her to her mother.

A special ‘Mini’ version of the game will also be available on DSiWare and WiiWare. Full game also available on Wii.

Here is Joystiq’s interview with Yuji Naka and Infendo’s video interview is here.

NintendoLife gave it 9/10: “Ivy the Kiwi is the perfect example of the type of enjoyable and refreshing gaming experience that can be created when a developer isn’t afraid to try something a little different.”

GamePro gave it 4/5: “I really enjoyed my brief time with Ivy: it’s a well-made game with broad appeal (unless you’re a person who refuses to play anything that doesn’t have bullets in it).”

Designed by Yuki Naka, the co-creator of Sonic the Hedgehog
beautiful, hand drawn storybook-style presentation
Over 100 stages for DS and Wii with a mini-compilation available for WiiWare and DSiWare
Unique control systems especially suited for the DS stylus and Wii remote
Challenge up to three players in exciting multiplayer modes for DS and Wii versions

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