What we’re about

The Cleveland Game Developers (CGD) is an open group of artists, developers, designers, and musicians. We welcome everyone of any skill level interested in creating games or discussing them. We offer our members a regular monthly meeting as well as presentations, workshops and game jam events.

We also abide by a Social Code and Anti-Harassment Policy that promotes group collaboration, respect, and inclusion.

Some of CGD’s Events include:

  • Hack Nights
  • Social Nights
  • Game Jams
  • Excuse to Create

Who Should Join CGD?

The best part about CGD is basic membership is free. They believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn about game development and be able to make their own games.

So check out Cleveland Game Developers on:

Cleveland Game Developers Meetup

If you don’t know what Meetup is, it is a website full of community groups that gather together to discuss and do like-minded things. The Cleveland Game Developers meetup for social nights, hack nights, game jams, and much more. This is where you can meet local gamedev professionals, hobby game makers, and fellow game developer students and network with each other, learn from each other, and grow as a Cleveland Game Dev Community Group.

Cleveland Game Developers Website

The website lists all of the upcoming meetups for CGD, as well as some resources from your fellow Cleveland Gamedevs. It has a listing of all of the networking channels that you can chat with other gamedevs from the area.

Cleveland Game Developers Facebook and Twitter

These are the social networks that CGD uses to communicate on the daily with its members. Go ahead and follow them, or join the conversation!