Oak Hill Robotics Makerspace Meeting

Oak Hill Robotics Makerspace Meeting: July 11


The purpose of the Oak Hill Robotics Makerspace (ORM) is to provide a publicly accessible robotics makerspace for Northeast Ohio that will encourage and support efforts to increase public awareness, understanding, and implications of new and upcoming trends and innovations in robotics based technologies. These technologies have the potential to impact the daily lives of all citizens.

Oak Hill Robotics Makerspace provides a public space where individuals can come together to learn how to build, program and collaborate on low cost, open source robots and robotics based projects. It will act as an external space and resource for robotics educational programs & projects at the State Universities, and technical schools and groups, in Northeast Ohio.

The NEOACM is committed to being a partner with the ORM by supplying expertise and resources.

On Wednesday at 6:30 – 8:00 PM, we will meet to:

  • design robots
  • build robots
  • program robots
  • Are you interested?

If you are interested contact:


Oak Hill Robotics Makerspace is located at the:


507 Oak Hill Ave

Youngstown, OH 44502

on the lower level.

The Robotics Projects

The ORM (Oakhill Robotics Makerspace) will achieve its vision by fostering and supporting several community-based robotics projects.

There will be three ongoing projects:

  1. Biennial NEOACM CSI-CLUE Robotics Challenge
  2. MCPLP (Mill Creek Park Lakes Project Robotics Video Survey
  3. Farm Bots


This is an event that will be held biennially designed to identify practical, safe, open source, and low-cost approaches to programming autonomous robots. The challenge pits new trends in bio-inspired artificial intelligence (Black Box) against classical approaches in artificial intelligence (White Box) to build robot controllers. The challenge will also serve to showcase the innovation, engineering prowess, and untapped talent that we have here in Northeast Ohio.


This will endeavor to build and deploy low-cost, open-source underwater robots to do a video survey of the bottom of Lake Glacier, Lake Cohasset, and Lake Newport. These convenient natural resources offer an excellent opportunity to explore and possibly innovate underwater robotic applications. We believe that an underwater video survey (using robots) of the bottom of our precious lakes has never been done before and will serve as a interesting and fun project for robot enthusiasts, students, and researchers in the area. We will also perform water quality analysis to supplement and extend current testing.


These are two low-cost, open-source robots, an Animal feeder is a time-based feeder for fish and small animals for various times of the day and the Weeder Bot is a non-chemical based weed removal system.


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