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Numerous Mother’s Day Events Brighten up this Special Day

Bamberg, May 5, 2020. Mother’s Day may look different this year for many people, but that isn’t keeping renowned publisher and developer of apps, browser games, and Steam games upjers from honoring moms everywhere in numerous games. Here’s a small overview of this year’s Mother’s Day festivities:

Mother’s Day in Apps and Cross-Platform Games

A truly extraordinary event awaits the millions of Zoo 2: Animal Park ( players. From May 6 – 13, they can decorate their zoo with enchanting fairy tale decorations and earn themselves the exclusive marbled polecat as a reward.

A giant pacifier that grants players useful items after the event ends is up for grabs in My Free Farm 2 ( To get their hands on it, players need to grow Mother’s Day flowers on their fields and turn them in.

From May 7 to May 13, Horse Farm ( will once again be covered with red balloons which contain roses. Collect enough, and you’ll soon be able to ride the unique Mother’s Day horse.

It’s not recorded in the annals of history whether Mother’s Day was a thing in the Stone Age, but that isn’t stopping the Stonies ( from celebrating along from May 7 -14 and building a Rose of Birth.

Travel may be banned in real life, but MyFreeZoo Mobile ( is taking you on a virtual trip to Sweden, complete with Swedish houses and meatball stalls. At the end of the event (May 12), dedicated players might just be able to get the exclusive Squirrel Monkey.

My Little Farmies Mobile ( is whisking you away to a fairy tale world instead. A fairy fountain, an enchanting pond and a habitable boot are just some of the creative decorations that will enable players to get a new Kiln as a production building when the event ends on May 13.

Mother’s Day in Browser Games

The Metekhi Church, Katskhi Pillar and Tamada sculpture are just some of the fascinating decorations from Georgia in the upcoming My Free Zoo ( event. Zoo fans can look forward to the Beira antelope as a reward for exploring Georgia’s rich culture.

Escape to a wild fantasy world in My Little Farmies ( To get the exclusive Pottery, players can set up floating islands, gryphon statues, and magnetic stone formations in their medieval village until May 12.

Wauies ( is unleashing the critters for a crazy day of relaxation. Moms can relax with quirky decorations such as the puppy massage or turtle spa. An intelligent watchdog, the Kuvasz, will come bounding into the pet store as the new grand prize.

My Sunny Resort ( likewise is counting on colorful critters to brighten up Mother’s Day. Players can collect pink plush alpacas to earn the grand prize, the fluffy Momma Duck, before the event ends on May 13.

A heartwarming selection of Mother’s Day gifts awaits players in the classic My Free Farm and Molehill Empire, as well as Kapi Hospital and Uptasia.

About upjers

upjers ( proves that the dream of turning a hobby into a successful start-up isn’t just a fairy tale. The company has become one of the leading developers of browser games and apps in Germany and employs over 100 people at the Bamberg headquarters. 125 million players worldwide have registered for an upjers game or downloaded one of the mobile apps from the stores. upjers games are also available on Steam and Amazon. The broad range of titles encompasses everything from tycoons over business simulations to strategy games.

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