New Construct 2 Beta Update Avaliable

New Construct 2 Beta Update Avaliable

Exciting news, Construct 2 just got updated! Get all the latest and greatest features by downloading and installing the new version.

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Construct 2 Beta Update Details

So what’s been changed?

  • [Change] Adjustments to build process to try to work around crash on startup issue
  • [Change] Changed icon management when “Don’t show unique icons” is set in Preferences, to try to work around a recent Windows performance regression
  • [Change] Facebook plugin: remove name, caption, description and parameters from ‘Prompt to share’ actions since they were removed from the Facebook API
  • [Bug Fix] Error loading savegame if an instance variable was set to NaN
  • [Bug Fix] Xbox Live: possible error signing in twice

You can read more about the update here.

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