Multiplayer with Blueprints Unreal Engine Plugin

Multiplayer with Blueprints Unreal Engine Plugin

I was introduced to a new Unreal Engine plugin the other day and wanted to share it with all of you! They call it the Multiplayer with Blueprints Unreal Engine plugin. Those of you who know me, know that I use the Unity game engine, but that’s just my preference.

The Unreal Game Engine is a wonderful engine, offering its custom Blueprints allowing for an easy workflow among programmers and artists alike. As game engines are evolving, they are becoming more and more friendly to a faster work-flow through plugins and eventually updates. This Multiplayer with Blueprints plugin is one that every developer that uses the Unreal Engine and is making a multiplayer game, should definitely have.

This plugin reduces your cost of time, allowing you to focus more on art or storyline or to get your game publishing sooner than later. But don’t take my word for it. Check it out in the Unreal Engine Marketplace.

Reviews from Unreal Marketplace

Below are just some of the reviews in the Unreal Engine Marketplace. Everyone who has used this plugin just loves it.

Best support from Marketplace – LPXDigital

“This pack saved me so much time, because the video tutorial was great, and for save more time, they provide the working project too.

Must have if you need to use AWS Server for multiplayer.”

Must buy for AWS project – Pekka

“Really great way to start multiplayer project development. Your game will be up and running at servers in no time! Also whole package is well documented, with video tutorials and awesome and fast support. Can’t recommend enough, definitely worth it!”

An excellent plugin for your game (I recommend) – ronygabriel

“This plugin is sensational, everything well explained, with little time you can put dedicated servers running on aws gamelift with database, matchmaking and more, the support is great and responds very quickly, wonderful !!!”

Amazing! – JinwooKim

“I received a lot of help with detailed documents and kind support. I recommend it to those who want to make AAA-class multiplayer games easier.”

Fantastic set of blueprints that will save months of work! – DNABLOCK

“Our small team has been using this as a base for our multiplayer account and match making system. The team is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and we got our questions answered rapidly. Two thumbs up for this item!”

Block Chop Studios is out of Austin, TX and the devs there made this wonderful plugin to help with making multiplayer games. They claim that it “allows you to create a AAA quality multiplayer and matchmaking system” without any or very little programming skills, which should save you a ton of time spent making the game.

Block Chop Studio’s game, Samurai’s Edge is the reason they decided to develop this plugin. And they want to share it with others so you, too can develop awesome games.

Below are some video tutorials for Multiplayer with Blueprints

More Resources for game development from #YGD.


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