MOPS: Beyond Motion Graphics | Henry Foster | Houdini HIVE Worldwide

Henry Foster from Toadstorm will give a quick overview of the MOPs toolkit, show how it can make motion graphics much easier in Houdini, and then show how it can be applied outside of the motion graphics world.

Henry Foster started his career in 2006 as a 3D generalist in Los Angeles, bouncing around between commercial design and film studios both small and large as a lighter, rigger, effects artist, pipeline engineer, and tools developer. He started with Maya and later discovered Houdini around 2011, and have been unable to put it down since. He loves his career of solving puzzles, be they visual or logical, and empowering other artists to do the same. He’s currently working as a Senior Designer at Intuitive Surgical in Sunnyvale, California. He likes algorithmic growth, cats, and Islay whisky. You can reach him at

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