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Gameloft is a French video game publisher based in Paris, founded in 1999. The company presently operates 21 development studios worldwide, and publishes games with a special focus on the mobile games market. Since the beginning Gameloft has strived to bring quality and great user experience to their players on the mobile space.

Modern Combat Versus is the latest installment in the Modern Combat series. In this Houdini Connect we talk with Gameloft Montreal artists about how they used Houdini to take the mobile game to new heights.

“The line is being blurred between global console games and mobile games. Right now we are striving to make almost AAA quality in our games, and that’s actually where Houdini has helped us a lot to achieve those goals. As a mobile developer, one thing we have to really take care about is making the game small and a good package size. And since the device are really not as powerful as console or PC, we have to really make everything we can to optimize a game.” – Alejandro Martinez-Chacin, VFX Supervisor

“I was really excited to use Houdini in this production for mobile. During this production, we created a broad range of tools going from creating procedural vistas for high-quality backgrounds. We did some mesh processing for artists and VFX, and we did some optimization tools.” – Alexandre Stroukoff, Environment Artist

“So I was thinking to use Houdini for the first time for this task, and I end up finally to use it for everything – like mountains, rocks, favelas, electric cable network systems. In the end, every piece of geometry was created in Houdini.” – Pascal Beeckmans, Environment Artist

For a more in-depth presentation by Pascal Beeckmans, check this out:

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