Misplaced – Retro Souls & Mega Cat Studios Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Trailer

Everyday, Hara wakes up on the same island, floating in the clouds. Everyday is the same, identical to the last – a calm yet unceasing limbo. But today is the day. Today, Hara will unravel the mystery of the sky world.

Using some other-dimensional powers of recording and playback, can you help Hara get the crystals and get through each floating island puzzle to solve the mystery of the clouds?

Record, Playback, and Solve your way through the mysteries of the sky world in this charming platformer!

Innovative Record/Playback Ability
Challenging Puzzles
Over 20 Levels
Soothing Soundtrack
Charming Visuals
Quirky Cast of Characters
Cloud Mysteries to Unravel

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