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  1. Hi, I’m Italian,My name is Roberto Ferrari
    I’m late….after 3 years working there, I created a game, using unity3d,I think it’s very very nice ,it is still possible to participate in the competition,
    this work of mine could be the turning point of my life.
    Sorry for my english and thank you

    1. Hi Roberto,
      We are not hosting the competition. We posted this post to inform you about the competition. Please click on the link in the post to find out more about the competition and maybe contact the company sponsoring and hosting the competition.

      1. ty so much

  2. This game looks amazing and I would say that is going to be most successful up to date in the Tomb Raider franchise.

    1. We agree.. it will hopefully be a nice change from some of the recent games in the franchise..

  3. The Genji skin is awesome. It is my favorite for Genji. Blizzard is making awesome content for Overwatch.


  5. I love discord I am disgusted by this and the way you’re addressing discord. I am 15 and used discord for years now. I love it. Discord isn’t a bad place. Every single social media app has bad shit going on and skype and Teamspeak are no different.

    1. We love Discord, too, and the services it offers for gamers. This article is a few years old, and at that time, Discord’s policy for various channels was loose, at best. As a gaming channel, it is wonderful, but many users were abusing their lack of a policy to share risky or even illegal photos of sexual acts. Articles like this, helped to lead towards politicians making it a law, at least in Ohio, that it is now officially illegal if you share explicit photos of anyone without their written consent. Many men and women have been victimized by angry exes publicly sharing their private photos and videos on the internet, sometimes costing them their jobs. Please understand, this article was an attack on their policy, not Discord and it’s services. Their policy has since been updated. We love your love of Discord and gaming and hope to play with you out there in the digital world. Happy gaming, kid!

      1. So Author has discord removed these servers dedicated to sharing the illegal images?

  6. Can anyone recommend live training our team can attend for Unreal (latest version) Programming some time in August 2019?


  8. using cmd i figure out hash key but In unity it still same

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