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  1. Hi, I’m Italian,My name is Roberto Ferrari
    I’m late….after 3 years working there, I created a game, using unity3d,I think it’s very very nice ,it is still possible to participate in the competition,
    this work of mine could be the turning point of my life.
    Sorry for my english and thank you

    1. Hi Roberto,
      We are not hosting the competition. We posted this post to inform you about the competition. Please click on the link in the post to find out more about the competition and maybe contact the company sponsoring and hosting the competition.

      1. ty so much

  2. This game looks amazing and I would say that is going to be most successful up to date in the Tomb Raider franchise.

    1. We agree.. it will hopefully be a nice change from some of the recent games in the franchise..

  3. The Genji skin is awesome. It is my favorite for Genji. Blizzard is making awesome content for Overwatch.


  5. Loved the game so much and thanks for sharing too much details

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