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Mega Cat Making New NES Cartridge Games for the Classic Console

New Games for Retro Systems to Play at PAX East

The Nintendo Entertainment System was released in 1985 and not only defined a generation of gaming but shaped the industry for decades to come. Mega Cat Games will be featuring some 8-bit cartridge glory at PAX East 2018.

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Play 8-bit Games at Mega Cat Booth

Visit Mega Cat Studios at Booth #11091. They are making new, original games for the NES- cartridges and all. They are showing off some of their best games at PAX East this year and holding a Log Jammers competition.

Mega Cat Games is also unveiling a special edition of patriotic cyborg eagle battle simulator Justice Duel for the Child’s Play charity.

Playable Cartridge Games at PAX East

Log Jammers

The spiritual successor to Wind Jammers, Log Jammers is coming to PAX East 2018. Mega Cat is holding a special competition on Friday, at noon. Sign up to play Log Jammers with fellow PAX East attendees and, if you wind up at the top, you’ll receive Log Jammers on an authentic NES cartridge. A PC edition of Log Jammers is currently in development and on its way to Kickstarter. Ask about it if you see Mega Cat at the show!

mega cat studios coffee crisis

Coffee Crisis

The mean streets of Pittsburgh just got meaner. The only people who can stop it are a couple of baristas in Coffee Crisis. Roast and grind some body-snatching extraterrestrials in this extra special beat ‘em up from Mega Cat Games, currently available on the Sega Genesis. A bigger and better edition is coming to PC and modern consoles soon.

mega cat studios justice duel

Justice Duel

When the Founding Fathers needed to defend their honor, their ideals, the very concept of what it means to be American, they didn’t just grab their guns- they mounted their cybernetically enhanced eagles and rode into battle, as prescribed by the US Constitution. That’s Justice Duel, out now for the NES and coming to PAX East 2018.

childs play charity

Child’s Play Charity Receives Proceeds

At PAX East, Mega Cat Games is debuting a special edition of Justice Duel for the Child’s Play charity. This edition of the game includes two new playable characters and all proceeds from sales of this version will go towards helping sick kids.

About Mega Cat Studios

Founded in 20XX, Mega Cat Studios is a small developer with a lot of heart, and one goal: to keep the dream of gaming- the dream we remember from the days of youth- alive and well. Whether we’re building a high tech VR title or an NES game, cartridge and all, our name is a stamp of quality on everything we produce.

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