Make Your Own Controller with Makey Makey

Make Your Own Controller with Makey Makey

Rob Bennet, the founder of Bloxels, has decided to make his own controller. In the YouTube video below, he shows you how to make one as well!

After last week’s intro to controllers, Rob has decided to build his own. He’ll show you how to do it yourself with Bloxels and a Makey Makey. Turn your body into a circuit (safely!) and see what you can find around the house to control your own Bloxels games.

Are You an Educator for STEM?

Video games are a great way to allow kids to be excited about learning STEM. With Bloxels, students can design and develop their own video games, and then share their own games with the world by uploading their own games to the Bloxels website.

Need the new Bloxels app?

If you’re an educator or know one, Bloxels is now giving schools as many student accounts as they need with a free trial through July 1, 2020. They hope this will help as schools get set up with online learning, whether that’s giving their students a fun project, an alternative to writing a report, or running a remote game jam.

And if you’re a home user who already has a Bloxels kit, you can still register your account using a proof of purchase.

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