Made With Unity: Runnin’

In this video, see how New Frontier storytellers have captured their vision in VR to share with cinephiles at Sundance’s exclusive annual film festival.

Lead Artists: Reggie Watts, Kiira Benzing, Key Collaborators: John Tejada, Amy O’Neal, Ani Taj, Adam Rogers — This interactive dance experience takes the player on a journey of musical expression. Play along with the music in an intimate neighborhood record store and be transported to a retro-future dance party. Show off your moves on the dance floor alongside a troupe of dancers. Cast: Reggie Watts, John Tejada, Amy O’Neal, Ani Taj, Kate Berlant, Ben Schwartz.
Interviews include:
Ryan McGee, Principal at Life Orange LLC.
Dave Smiddy, Head of Product at Intel Studios.
Kiira Benzing, Lead Artist
Kamal Sinclair, Director, New Frontier Lab Programs, Sundance Institute

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