LYNX Tools | Luca Scheller | MucHUG April 2019

LYNX tool developer Luca Schiller takes you through his first three tools.

[Presented at the Munich Houdini User Group – MucHUG – on April 25, 2019]

LYNX FORCE – Timecode 3:31
If you’re coming from a simulation software other than Houdini you’ve probably struggled a bit when first playing around with forces in dops. There are a lot of nodes (pop wind, pop force, gravity, wind, uniform force,…) that seem to do the same thing with slight differences. On top of that some of them go after the solver, some into the pre/post-solve inputs and some only work with points, others with volumes. Simply masking a force to a certain area is quite the hassle of adding multiple nodes and controlling the mask transform/shape is usually not done in the dop context.

LYNX FABRIC – Timecode 14:07
The second tool’s name is “LYNX_fabric”. It is made up of several Houdini assets that make fabric/weave pattern generation quick and easy.

Features include:

Unified interface across all nodes
Intelligent/Adaptive curve resampling
Curve detangling for realistic results
Geometry generation on rest frame for maximum performance
Transfer attributes from source geometry / among fabric nodes
Consistent seeds across all nodes
UDIM Support

LYNX VELOCITY – Timecode 24:16
Lynx Velocity is a Houdini .hda that allows you to create the velocity attribute based on edge selections. It also allows for finely tuned control of your velocities via grooming.

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