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Total Average Score: 6/10

Ubisoft has published many award-winning titles over the past few decades and has been publishing games since 1986 for the Amstrad and Atari home consoles. Their game titles really gained popularity during the Playstation 2 era, with the publishing of Rayman, Prince of Persia, and Tom Clancy series of games.

Ubisoft’s Game Quality 2019


Ubisoft published six games in 2019 with four of them ranking 80% or above. Ubisoft is a French-based publishing company that has developed many popular AAA games, including the Prince of Persia series.

Ubisoft’s Innovations 2019


From the looks of it, Ubisoft has been focusing on increasing sales and quality of their games as well as looking to diversify their game types and their company board. So, look out for some interesting things during 2020.

Ubisoft’s Marketing Techniques 2019


Ubisoft features their popular games, their upcoming titles, and upcoming news. They don’t seem to have any interviews or interactions with developers or other employees, but they do have features of some of the actors they used for their games.

They do have a feature playlist for their eSports series for Rainbow 6.

Their online and print advertising tends to be on the sarcastic and funny side, grabbing their consumers’ attention and staying in their memory with humor.

Many of their games are co-op and multiplayer games, but they surprisingly don’t have any marketing showing friendship or teams playing together. Their marketing always seems to feature just the icon or characters of the game being advertised. The only marketing that featured any team or community was for their eSports league.

Their marketing is moral and decent, but nothing that says they went the extra mile to convince their players and fans to purchase their games.

Ubisoft’s Historical Impact 2019


Ubisoft has been around the block in the video game industry, with the company publishing games on some of the first consoles in the industry. Just like it’s written above, they have had many award-winning series, including the Prince of Persia series.

  • Vivendi completely divested its shares in Ubisoft by March 2019
  • October 2019 Ubisoft pushed three of the six titles planned for 2019 to 2020 or later, putting efforts on improving the quality of the existing and released games

Not a whole lot happening in 2019. It seems the company is looking to reorganize some of the editorial staff. Let’s see what happens in 2020.

Ubisoft’s Work-life Balance 2019


According to indeed.com, Ubisoft employees gave the following ratings for working there:

  • Work-life balance – 4.0
  • Pay and Benefits – 3.3
  • Job Security and Advancement – 3.4
  • Management – 3.5
  • Culture – 4.1