Take-Two Interactive Software Inc

Total Average Score: 4.72/10

Take-Two Interactive is probably most well known for the NBA 2k series of basketball games. They have been increasing in popularity over the past few years and that game series is what brings in a large portion of Take-Two Interactive’s profits.

Take-Two Interactive’s Game Quality 2019


Take-Two Interactive published 6 games in 2019. Three of which were rated 80% or better quality. This is a fairly average amount of games for this company to publish.

Take-Two Interactive’s Innovations 2019


Take-Two Interactive has not done any game industry innovations during 2019.

Take-Two Interactive’s Marketing Techniques 2019


Take-Two Interactive doesn’t seem to have its own YouTube Channel, but Rockstar, one of their developer studios does. We aren’t sure if this is on purpose, or if Take-Two is working an interesting style of marketing, but based on a lot of their media interactions, the company seems to lose their fans on a personal level.

A YouTube channel allows companies to interact with their fans and make the fans feel like a part of the team. Take-Two definitely needs some help with their fan base, outside of just RockStar Studios.

The games published by Take-Two always have TV commercials, typically aimed at a male audience on TV networks such as Cartoon Network and ESPN. While their games do tend to be marketed only for men in their 20s to late 30s, we know a few women who love to play Grand Theft Auto and NBA 2K. Marketing for women, and possibly adding a little diversity to their games, like making a woman player for an NBA game could be controversial but in a good way. Mostly because, let’s face it, no news is bad news, and when it involves controversy, everyone wants to be a part of it or see it for themselves.

Take-Two’s marketing is lackluster and to be honest, of very old form, closing their marketplace to a small audience of consumers and players. Their games that they do publish are great and fun, but their marketing and diversity in their games definitely needs some work.

Take-Two Interactive’s Historical Impact 2019


Their most historical act that came to our minds was the controversy involving the Grand Theft Auto game franchise. Australia went so far as to ban the game and the company settled for a fine with the Federal Trade Commission having to do with improperly advertising the ESRB rating for the game.

In 2004, Peter Brant was charged with fraud. In simplest terms, he charged money that he should not have through the company in order to show investors that games were making more money than they actually were. In 2007, Peter Brant and 2 other executives of Take-Two Interactive were being investigated by the SEC for backdating their shares in order to make their stock purchases worth more. By 2006, Brant gave his resignation.

As a company, Take-Two interactive has had kind of a sketchy past. In more recent years, Take-Two Interactive has morally, not changed much. They haven’t had issues with their execs being sketchy greedy, but they have been using the law in order to go after smaller studios that happen to employ some of their old employees that are trying to play in the indie game world.

With their kind if immoral past, they have come back and have started some restructuring. Here are some historical facts for Take-Two Interactive from 2019:

  • Peter Brant passed away in March 2019.
  • 7 Year NBA Contract for NBA2K series signed in January 2019
  • An unnamed studio under the 2K brand was launched in February 2019 and will be led by Michael Condrey.

While a lot happened, it’s just a lot that will affect Take-Two Interactive’s company and not much of an impact on the video game industry as a whole.

Take-Two Interactive’s Work-life Balance 2019


According to indeed.com, Take-Two Interactive employees gave the following ratings for working there:

  • Work-life balance – 4.1
  • Pay and Benefits – 3.9
  • Job Security and Advancement – 3.7
  • Management – 3.9
  • Culture – 4.1