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Total Average Score: 2.76/10

Founded in 1997, NCSoft primarily focuses on publishing massive multiplayer games. Some of their most popular titles include the Lineage series, City of Heroes, and the Guild Wars series.

NCSOFT’s Game Quality 2019


NCSoft hasn’t released a new game in a few years. They primarily focus on their successful massive multiplayer games and keeping them up to date with expansions and quests.

NCSOFT’s Innovations 2019


It doesn’t seem like NCSoft has made any new innovations for 2019. They tend to stick to their working titles, so we don’t expect anything for 2020, but who knows.

NCSOFT’s Marketing Techniques 2019


The NCSOFT YouTube channel is filled with videos of gameplay, interviews with development teams and promotion for their MMO game series.

The digital and print advertising is minimal, focusing on the MMO events for the publisher’s game series and any updates to their current games.

NCSOFT’s Historical Impact 2019


Nothing historical from NCSOFT. The company tries to focus on what they are good at, keeping their current games and fans is their primary goal.

NCSOFT’s Work-life Balance 2019


According to, NCSOFT employees gave the following ratings for working there:

  • Work-life balance – 3.5
  • Pay and Benefits – 3.5
  • Job Security and Advancement – 2.6
  • Management – 2.6
  • Culture – 2.9