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Konami Holdings Corporations

Total Average Score: 6.03/10

Konami opened in 1969 as a jukebox rental and repair business in Toyonaka, Osaka, Japan. It currently operates as a casino and video game publisher. Some of their more popular video game titles include the Metal Gear series, Silent Hill series, Castlevania series, Bomberman series, and more.

Konami’s Game Quality 2019


Konami published a total of seven video games in 2019. All seven games scored an average ranking of 80% or higher, but all of them except for one were not released in the United States and most of these games were designed for arcades.

It seems fairly average for Konami to do this, with every few years, or every other year, not focusing on the console market and focusing on the arcade market, which is very popular outside of the United States.

Konami’s Innovations 2019


It doesn’t seem that Konami has designed any new innovations in 2019. We shall wait and see what they have in store for 2020.

Konami’s Marketing Techniques 2019


Konami seems to focus its YouTube channel on the game immediately pre and post-release. After the initial sales fall, the company seems to not update the channel.

The print and digital static advertising from Konami follows a similar pattern, and focuses on the characters and titles of the game franchises.

Konami’s Historical Impact 2019


Other than releasing a few games in 2019, Konami has kept quiet.

Konami’s Work-life Balance 2019


According to indeed.com, Konami employees gave the following ratings for working there:

  • Work-life balance – 4.3
  • Pay and Benefits – 3.7
  • Job Security and Advancement – 3.7
  • Management – 4.2
  • Culture – 4.4