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Bandai Namco Entertainment

Total Average Score: 5.31/10

Bandai Namco is another video game publisher that had financial trouble during the Great Recession and decided on a merger. Bandai was established in 1950 as a toy distribution company and Namco was established in 1955 as a coin-operated machine company.

Both Bandai and Namco published many well-known games including Pac-Man, Tekken, Soul Calibur, and Dragon Ball series of games.

Bandai Namco’s Game Quality 2019


Bandai Namco published thirteen video games in 2019. Eleven of those games are rated 80% quality or better.

Bandai Namco’s Innovations 2019


Bandai hasn’t had any video game innovations in quite some time. Their company primarily focuses on video game development and toy development.

Bandai Namco’s Marketing Techniques 2019


Bandai Namco seems to update their YouTube Channel daily with gameplay from many of their games. Commercials are also released on the channel to promote a new game’s release date.

The print and digital advertising for Bandai Namco is very bright and character-focused since most of the games they publish are based on cartoons and anime shows.

It’s very cookie-cutter marketing, and seemingly the bare minimum that could be done. However, that seems to be all the publisher needs, since most of their games are hit and run purchasing games.

Bandai Namco’s Historical Impact 2019


Bandai Namco has been in the game industry for a long time, as separate publishing companies, before the merging of Bandai and Namco. The publisher has created some historical impacts over the year, however, 2019 was not one of those years.

Bandai Namco’s Work-life Balance 2019


According to, Bandai Namco employees gave the following ratings for working there:

  • Work-life balance – 3.5
  • Pay and Benefits – 3.1
  • Job Security and Advancement – 3.2
  • Management – 3.2
  • Culture – 3.8