Letter from the Organizer: October 2017

Hi everyone!

This will be the last letter from the organizer that gets written, as well as the final Newsletter.

Kendra is Stepping Down

December 2017 will be my last month as the organizer for the Meetup Chapter of Youngstown Game Developers.  The Meetup channel will be shut down and we will be most likely merging our member towards Code Youngstown, but this is TBD. (Update: The local Meetup Chapter of Youngstown Game Developers is now called Coal Creek Game Developers, headed by Alex Nischwitz) The Meetup channel on Meetup.com stays the same and Coal Creek will be doing lots of work with Code Youngstown.

Please check out Code Youngstown. This is a local technology, coding, and hacking group. They have regular Meetups about twice a year, with other Meetups that introduce and discuss news software and apps that can help you expand your tech knowledge.  They also have a Slack group that is fairly active.

Why Stepping Down?

I am working on some new stuff in my personal life that will require more time. Something had to go, so I decided to step down from Youngstown Game Developers Meetup Channel. I will be focusing on a new job, my game development and some freelance work.

Besides personal stuff, I will also be focusing on my own game. With YGD, I spent a lot of my time focused on scheduling, planning events, being at events and spending my own money to make events happen. I need to step away from that so I can focus on creating my games and putting my money towards my games.

youngstown game developers

What will Happen to YGD?

Youngstown Game Developers will continue to exist with this website. Over the next year, you will see this website be converted into a game developer community network, allowing game developers to talk and network with each other and give advice through a forum. There will also be updated resource lists, more game developer and video game news, and hopefully sooner than later, we will be introducing a game developer jobs feed.

YGD will continue to release a weekly RSS feed, so please subscribe! We will keep you updated with game developer news, updates, resources, and plenty more.


Please don’t think of this as a chapter closing. Think of this as the Youngstown Game Developers opening up a new chapter and expanding to new horizons. Stay tuned for some cool new stuff being added to the site, like a forum and game developers jobs listing to help you be the best game developer you can be.

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Youngstown Game Developers, aka #YGD,  is a free online game development resource center and indie game development network to help you meet other indie game developers and give you the resources you need in order to help you get your game into the market. If you ever have any questions about game development, ask us and we will respond and possibly write an article just for you.

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