Learning Houdini: You’re Doing It Wrong and How to do it Right | Matt Estela | SIGGRAPH 2019

There are so many learning resources around, it must be easy to learn Houdini and get a job right? Having spent several years writing CGWiki, looking at hundreds of showreels, hiring lots of artists, and now teaching Houdini at a masters degree level at the UTS Animal Logic Academy, Matt has thought about what defines a strong FX artist. Using examples from his current students, he’ll break down what skills are essential, and how to best demonstrate them in a reel. Seniors and supervisors are encouraged to agree/disagree loudly.

Matt Estela is VFX Lead in Residence at The Animal Logic Academy, University of Technology Sydney. He teaches VFX and VR as part of a Masters of Animation and Visualization. Matt also maintains CGWiki, a popular website for Houdini training, and prior to UTS spent nearly 10 years at Animal Logic in Lighting, FX and CG supervisor roles.


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