Learning Houdini // Jeff Wagner // Houdini Illume Webinar

Jump into the fascinating mind of Jeff Wagner where he’ll show you his unique perspectives on learning and using Houdini.

To utilize Houdini to its fullest it’s important to start with an understanding of Houdini’s architecture. It’s also the best way to take your Houdini skills to the next level once you’ve figured out some basic tasks using the Shelf Tools. Procedural workflows offer us a unique way to realize our goals in ways that offer direction, revision and fidelity.

Over the course of two hours, we’ll look at the key ways to get to grips with Houdini on many levels: learning each node, the key nodes to focus on, using attributes, data mining everything, resisting over-designing things and – like all things in the VFX world – how to cheat and deceive in Houdini …because it’s so much fun!

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