Justice Duel Trailer

Take to the skies on the back of scientifically-engineered eagles and joust against AI patriots from America’s past. Dodge fireworks, bear traps, and dead presidents. The history might be wrong, but the justice is so right.

Mech-eagle based combat for true patriots

Firecrackers, bear traps & land mine eagle eggs to amp up the carnage

Old Glory and Lincoln’s Axe activate the ultimate power-ups

Want Justice for All? Grab an NES Fourscore and enjoy 4-player combat the new fashioned way!

For real founding fathers (and mothers!), the limited edition comes with a cover* for the NES Fourscore! Less than 1% of the NES’s original library made use of this device, but now you can bring freedom to more friends at the same time!

Go Fourth and Couch Co-op!

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