Just the Tip(s) | Matt Estela | Houdini Hive Worldwide

Matt will present another round of quick tips to make your Houdini life easier. One of the great things about working in a big team of Houdini artists is the number of tips that get shared around. Everyone uses Houdini slightly differently, and the program itself is so deep, that almost every week someone will share a trick they thought everyone knew, to hear all the folk around them say ‘Wow, I didn’t know you could do that!’. The last collection of mini tips for beginners that Matt posted went well, so he’s gone back to friends, co-workers, online groups, and made a fresh set of tips. This will be a mixed bag of stuff for beginner, intermediate, advanced, so hopefully something for everyone.

Matt Estela is VFX Lead in Residence at UTS ALA. He teaches VFX and VR as part of a Masters of Animation and Visualization. Matt also maintains CGWiki, a popular website for Houdini training, and has 20 years experience in 3D.

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