Jeff’s Top 10 Features of H17 | Jeff Wagner | Houdini Illume Webinar

Houdini 17 brings a vast set of new and improved features. The big ones are Vellum, Bullet and Fracturing and a new Whitewater Solver. But it’s the ‘smaller’ features that makes this release a stellar one for TDs and TAs. You won’t find Vellum on this Top 10 list, nor Bullet and Whitewater …because they are so obvious and tend to suck all the oxygen out of the room. You WILL see the smaller features that prop these features up. The dirty bits so to speak! The ones that can slip under the radar that make a world of difference once you know them.


00:00:30 Agenda Overview
00:01:40 Help Docs Intro
00:02:30 Preferences – Minimize Playbar Option
00:03:50 Preferences – Animation Underline and Color Parameters
00:05:00 Help Docs – What’s New in Houdini 17
00:07:10 UI Features – Animation
00:30:15 UI Features – Rename Nodes
00:32:30 UI Features – New Character Picker
00:34:35 UI Features – New Pose Library
00:37:00 UI Features – New Python Viewport States
00:43:55 UI Features – New Node Find Tool
00:45:22 UI Features – Construction Plane Handles ;
00:47:10 UI Features – Handle Orientation Feature
00:49:00 UI Features – Handle Steps
00:55:30 UI Features – Construction Plane Handle /
00:58:30 Bullet Features
00:59:50 Pyro Sourcing New Setup
01:04:40 Viewport Visualizer Button on attribute Parameters
01:17:20 Node Info – See Modifications to Attributes
01:11:35 New Point Velocity SOP
01:15:00 Retime SOP – retime Pyro
01:20:48 Trail SOP Compute Acceleration for Mantra Motion Blur
01:29:00 Retime SOP – Bullet Simulation
01:31:25 All Generator SOPs have Translate and Rotate
01:32:40 Transform type SOPs otate pivot and pre-transforms
01:35:00 Improved Geometry Blending in blend type SOPs
01:40:40 New Attribute Noise SOP
01:43:10 New Convex Decomposition SOP
01:44:55 New Extract Transforms SOP
01:47:10 New Falloff SOP
01:49:35 New Graph Color SOP
01:51:50 New Transform Pieces SOP
01:53:45 Improved UV Autoseam SOP
01:55:45 New Winding Number SOP
02:02:40 New Detangle SOP
02:12:45 New Game Dev Tools Nod
02:13:50 New POP Fluid DOP Solver
02:20:30 Vellum and POP Fluid DOP Solver

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