It Just Needs to Work On Paper – Houdini R&D for Real-time | Mai Ao | HOUDINI HIVE GAMEDEV

This talk is about the adventure and lessons learned at Schell Games where we developed an art-directable, high-performance crowd pipeline from Houdini to Unreal that can render thousands of characters in real time. We will also delve into the investment and return of creating a pipeline of HDAs to streamline our destruction workflow. Technical examples will be presented to show how Houdini’s customizability enabled us to prototype and find creative solutions to problems.

Mai Ao is a Technical Artist at Schell Games where he has been building new pipelines and game play features. He loves researching and taking on challenges. Mai earned his master’s degree in entertainment technology at Carnegie Mellon University. Coming from a computer science and fine art background, he fell victim to the captivating magic of computer graphics. There is something about the connections between natural phenomenons, logic, and beauty that he finds deeply stimulating. In time, he wants to do his part in contributing to the advancement of the CG community.

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