Intro to Procedural Modeling: Not Just Another Rock Generator | John Moncrief | GDC 2019

John provides an introduction to procedural modelling for games, that starts with a general understanding of what is proceduralism in Houdini, and then demonstrates how to harness it when making artistic decisions as you generate models. This session introduces you to the idea of using Houdini as a “Tool Building Tool” – with no previous Houdini experience required!

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John Moncrief is the Education Training Lead at SideFX. Previously, he was the Resident Dynamics Instructor and Dynamics Curriculum Manager at Pluralsight Creative. John has been teaching various visual effects software packages to creative industry professionals for more than 15 years. He lives for the rush of seeing his pupils experience “light bulb” moments. His latest passion is making sure that no software or tools can get in the way of an artist expressing their creative vision.

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