Intro to Motion Operators (MOPs) | Moritz Schwind & Henry Foster | End User Event 2019

Moritz and Henry walk through the suite of tools they developed to help with common motion graphics tasks in Houdini.

The workflow and interface should seem familiar to users of other motion graphics software packages, but it’s using Houdini-friendly workflows under the hood for more experienced Houdini artists.

MOPs is both a ready-to-use toolkit and a framework for constructing your own operators more easily.

0:45 How to Destroy Capri-Sun by Fermenting It
2:40 The Goal of MOPs
3:30 Why MOPs
5:50 Working in Production
6:34 How to Efficiently Waste Everyone’s Time
9:40 Things That Worked (in Production)
12:40 Why Hasn’t Houdini Been Used More in Mograph?
15:05 Houdini Accessibility to Non-Tech Minded Artists
16:05 How MOPs Works – 3 Easy Steps
18:35 The Guts of MOPs
21:21 …Generators
22:30 …Falloffs
24:58 …Modifiers
27:22 Who MOPs
27:45 MOPs Misconceptions
34:45 MOPs Demos

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