Inside Xbox: Episode 2

Inside Xbox: Episode 2

Go Inside Xbox in Episode 2 of our monthly behind-the-scenes live show. This episode: new Backward Compatibility games, Xbox FanFest at E3, Robocraft Infinity, and a few surprises.

Show Start: 29:23
Major’s Minute: 34:08
Backward Compatibility: 37:10
Rod Fergusson/Gears of Wars 2: 44:22
Ghost Recon Wildlands & Michael Ironside: 50:38
PAXEast, PUBG & Deadmau5: 1:10:20
Xbox Spring Update: 1:16:00
Xbox Game Pass & Robocraft Infinity: 1:22:16
Sea of Thieves Underwater Treasure Hunt: 1:33:05
Overkill’s The Walking Dead: 1:37:47
Fan Fest 2018: 1:43:04

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