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Gameye to offer high-performance game-hosting on every continent following its introduction to mainland China in partnership with Tencent Cloud in Q2 2020.

Rotterdam, Netherlands – 28 April 2020. Game session hosting specialists Gameye today announced a new partnership with Tencent Cloud to bring Gameye’s industry-leading game-hosting solution to Tencent Cloud’s servers in mainland China. The strategic partnership opens server capacity inside the Chinese firewall in key locations including Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou, and means Gameye will now offer its online game-hosting services to developers and publishers on every continent.

Gameye will also join Tencent Cloud on 6 May 2020 to host the first digital Industry Insights Conference on the present and future of global multiplayer gaming. Gameye and Tencent Cloud will be joined by leading experts from SupercellServers.comSplash DamageKunlunMakers FundHuya, and R8 Games to discuss the current challenges and future opportunities in developing, publishing and maintaining global multiplayer titles.

Click here to join the Industry Insights Conference on 6 May 2020.

About the Gameye/Tencent Cloud Partnership

Known for their unique, scalable, and innovative worldwide game session hosting solution, Gameye is a technology innovator giving game studios the power to deploy online game sessions closer to their players, wherever those players may be.

Gameye’s partnership with Tencent Cloud will lower the barrier to entry for videogame studios to deploy their titles in China. When a videogame is approved for launch, its creators can use Gameye to deploy the game everywhere instead of needing to audit and select multiple local partners.

Sebastiaan Heijne, Gameye CEO

“We’re very pleased to partner with Tencent Cloud to extend our service into China as a benefit to developers and publishers in both the east and west. Launching and supporting an online game in China can be daunting for developers and publishers, and we’re proud to be the first to offer a ‘one-stop-shop’ for game studios who need to operate globally. Developers and publishers now need only one partner to run demanding online titles with low latency everywhere on Earth – Gameye.”

Li Shiwei, VP of Tencent Europe

“Gameye is an important partner for Tencent Cloud Europe. We will work together to connect gamers all over the world and to deliver them the best user experience possible with low latency and great performance. This partnership means Gameye customers can take advantage of Tencent Cloud’s performant infrastructure and scale, as well as our strengths in areas like Gaming PaaS, AI and Big Data, and Global Reach.”

Gameye’s game-hosting service will be fully operational in mainland China by Q2 2020. Gameye will be able to deploy multiplayer games that need high-performance network infrastructure on a global scale – now including mainland China with Tencent Cloud as an infrastructure partner.

About Gameye

Gameye is a technology innovator that gives game studios the power to deploy game sessions closer to their players. Gameye’s agnostic approach to game server infrastructure enables server resources to evolve according to player demand and new features and content are releasing. For more information on Gameye’s game hosting solutions, visit

About Tencent

Tencent uses technology to enrich the lives of Internet users. Its communications and social platforms, Weixin and QQ, connect users with each other and with digital content and services, both online and offline, making their lives more convenient. Tencent’s targeted advertising platform helps advertisers reach out to hundreds of millions of consumers in China. Its FinTech and business services support our partners’ business growth and assist their digital upgrade.

Tencent invests heavily in talent and technological innovation, actively promoting the development of the Internet industry. Tencent’s founding in Shenzhen, China, in 1998. Shares of Tencent ( was listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in 2004.

About Tencent Cloud

Tencent Cloud is one of the leading cloud service providers in China. Ownership by Tencent (SEHK: 700), Tencent Cloud focuses on developing cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for accelerating enterprise digital transformation and for building intelligent industries.

Leveraging Tencent’s 20 years of experience in cutting-edge Internet technologies and services and its robust global data center infrastructure, Tencent Cloud provides industry-leading cloud services covering IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, and is a one-stop service provider for enterprises seeking to adopt public cloud, hybrid cloud and private cloud. Combing advanced AI capabilities, big-data analytics, security and location-based services (LBS), Tencent Cloud provides customized solutions for online games, finance, retail, e-commerce, healthcare, transportation and other industries, with its vision to connect businesses to a smart future.

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