indieCade climate jam game jam

IndieCade Climate Jam Game Jam

IndieCade, in collaboration with Games for Our Future, announces its next event: an online Climate Jam, the first in a new series of game jams. They are inviting game creators from around the world to join virtually. Game developers of all kinds will be able to make games on any platform and of any type. The only requirement is that the game must explore solutions to address our rapidly changing world.

Climate Jam Details

Dates: April 18th through April 22nd — Earth Day!
Sign up: Click on the “join now” button at this link:

Thanks to so many partners, especially Niantic and Riot Games, for supporting these efforts for the Climate Jam.

If you would like to share a message with the IndieCade community or would like to partner or sponsor, please contact IndieCade at

Why Game Jams are Important

Game Jams are a great way to meet new people and network in the industry. You can also keep your skills sharp or even test out some new skills you want to learn. Check out #YGDs game jam guide here!

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